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Digital Design Portfolio

Course Summary

     One way in which I feel I have grown as a digital artist throughout this class is my ability to recognize what would be the most affective in catching the eye of my audience. I had to learn what would not only grab the attention of the viewer, but also give them as much information as possible in the single second that they may look at my ad, poster, or logo. This was difficult for me to adjust to because in regular drawing classes you would want the the viewer to stop and look at your work for a long time. This difference was hard for me to adjust to at first, but I can recognize it easily now. I achieved a relatively high level of success in my portfolio. My strongest works being my Qlear Quill Photoshop magazine ad and my Guten Morgan logo. I believe this designs are clever and surpassed all my goals for them going into each project. Considering all the concepts learned in this course, I have to say that the knowledge of how to use Photoshop will be the most useful to me in the future. With Photoshop I can editing my drawings and paintings and create digital media works of art that I could add to my fine art portfolio.

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