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Artist Statement

Collages or oil paintings inspired by collages featuring adolescent girls, are what I use to convey teenage angst and the mindset of teenage girls as they go through life. I typically utilize arbitrary color, to represent emotion, rather than reality. The paintings are usually interrupted in some way by these collage materials, or swatches of paint, so the viewer's gaze moves from the figure, to the patterns and vice versa. 

    I use adolescent/ prepubescent girls as my models who are usually starting straight at the viewer, or are making some kind of emotional expression. The attitudes of the girls I use as models are the main point of importance. I do this specific kind of work with this subject matter because it gives teenage girls and prepubescent girls a space to express themselves, in their best (and worst) forms. Instead of hypersexualizing them, or infantilizing them, which is done in most media. In my artwork, the attitudes of the young women are celebrated, rather than frowned upon. They have power that is strictly their own and they are using it to the best of their ability. The collage elements with decorative qualities represent traditional female roles, and how they are intrusive and invasive into the lives of young women and can be harmful to their psyche. Overall, my body of  work is a feminist take on teenage girls and how they respond to the traditional feminine roles that are thrust upon them.

Find more of my work here!



2023- Converse University, BFA Studio Art Painting and BA Art History


2023- Growing Pains, Milliken Art Gallery, Spartanburg SC

2022- Telling Stories, Shoebox Arts Online, Juried by Michelle Robinson   

2022- Glitz and Kitsch, Black Creek Arts Council, Hartsville SC. October 2022

2022- Emotions, Biafarin Online Exhibition, May 2022

2022- Collegiate Art Show, Juried by Ryan Roth, Spartanburg Public Library, SC

2022- Portraits, Art Room Gallery Online, May 2022

2022- Group Art Exhibition, Artists Space Gallery Online, June 2022

2021- Baile Pluto Gallery, Tulip tree Southern Restaurant, owned by Aaron Wilkie, 

Spartanburg SC

2021- Arcadia Press Art Walk, Arcadia Press Arts, Juried by Michele Cook, 

Spartanburg SC


2019-2022 -Gallery Assistant at Milliken Art Gallery in Spartanburg SC. 

580 E Main Str.

2020- Co-curated the Converse University Student Alumnae Pop Up Show in Milliken 

Art Gallery.

2021- Co-curated the August Cook Gallery Show in Hazel B. Abbott Parlor in Converse 


2021- Studio intern under printmaker Michele Cook at Arcadia Press Arts in

Spartanburg SC 

2021- Co-curated the Arcadia Press Art Walk Gallery Show with Michele Cook in 

Spartanburg SC


2022- Artistonish, Discover the Artist. Issue no. 26, September 2022. Pg. 33.



2019-2022 - Visual Arts Scholarship Recipient at Converse University

2021- Creative Quarterly, Runner up in Virtual Gallery Show

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